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City of New Meadows

Meadows Valley Round-Up Utility Assistance Program

Resolution #261-2020


WHEREAS, the New Meadows City Council desires to establish guidelines and policy regarding City of New Meadows utility customers in need of emergency assistance to help to pay the water and sewer portion of their utility bill.  The program would provide an opportunity for our citizens to make a voluntary donation to help defray utility costs for those customers. 


WHEREAS, the City of New Meadows and the Western Idaho Community Action Partnership (WICAP) will work together to administer the program.


WHEREAS, assistance may be available to those who have long-term or emergency medical conditions where termination of utility services would worsen or threaten loss of life if utility serves were terminated; those who have experienced an unexpected loss of financial support due to medical conditions or circumstances beyond their control; those who need the assistance to get through an emergency situation may be eligible for assistance through the program.


WHEREAS, the request for assistance must be at least 10 days before the bill is due.


WHEREAS, assistance is limited to one payment per customer per year, not to exceed charges for two months of water usage and sewer services.


WHEREAS, any customer may add any amount to their monthly utility bill payment.  Any amount, large or small, will be accepted and contributions will only be accepted if the “amount due” on their billing statement is paid in full.


WHEREAS, any customer, person, private or public entity may donate to the Meadows Valley Round-Up Assistance Program through the City of New Meadows by adding an amount to their monthly utility bill payment when paying their bill in full.


WHEREAS, all amounts collected for the Meadows Valley Round-Up Assistance Program will be placed in a separate account and used solely for the purpose derived, and can not be used for connection or re-connection costs to the water or sewer systems,


WHEREAS, assistance is limited to one payment per customer per year up to a two-month balance.  Recipients will be evaluated based on need through WICAP. The total number assisted will be limited by the amount of funds available through contributions.  Application for funds may be made by contacting WICAP directly at 208-642-4436.


WHEREAS, the New Meadows City Council reserves the right to revoke and / or suspend the program at any time.


NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the City Council of New Meadows, Adams County, Idaho, that the Meadows Valley Round-up Utility Assistance Program is hereby created.


Passed and approved this 26th of May 2020 by the New Meadows City Council.


Darbey Edwards, Mayor               Jacob M Qualls, City Clerk / Treasurer

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The following is a list of business that are still open within the corporate city limits of New Meadows.  These business provide essential servcies to our community and remain open / availble in some fashion.  The list is not all inclusive and is a work in progress.


It is recommended to call ahead to verify availability of services or check their social media pages or other online presence. 


Please support your local businesses and remember they are doing their best with limited resources.


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“To provide citizens with a safe and clean community as we develop a vibrant, diverse economy together.  Through coordinated and collaborative planning, we will utilize proactive means to provide effective, safe and fiscally responsible municipal programs and services while building and maintaining infrastructure of adequate capacity to accommodate present and future needs.  With the overall health of each resident in mind, we will maintain an open and honest government as we plan for the future while preserving, protecting and enhancing our legacy.”

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