RVs in New Meadows (City Limits)

New Meadows  lies in the center of great hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, biking and more.  For many, these activities are enhanced by having an RV, which makes it easy to vacation or visit family and friends . 


With the use of RVs in the city limits, comes the importance of  keeping our community safe and healthy.  If you have an RV,  please be aware of our city’s ordinances regarding the use and storage of RV’s, which can be found at SHORT TERM USE RV CODE   Call City Hall at (208) 347-2171 with questions regarding RVs in New Meadows.   

RV Storage

Own an RV?  RV storage is welcome on your property next to your home.  Please keep in mind that in residential districts:

¨ RVs, boats, trailers, campers, etc. may be parked on the same lot as the primary dwelling in the side or rear yard, but not in the setback areas. 

¨ RVs shall not be occupied as a dwelling unit while  stored on your property, except with proper permit for the following purposes:


New Meadows welcomes family and friends who come to visit.  If you will be staying with family or friends, or if you will have family and friends visiting in an RV:  

¨ Make sure the RV has a current license and registration.

¨ Stop by City Hall to pick up a “vacation” permit  to place in the window of your RV. 

¨ Review where on the property the RV can be placed.

¨ Remember that temporary RVs are NOT to be hooked up to City sewer. 

¨ Park occupied RVs in your side or rear yard.

¨ RVs may not be parked in the front yard, the rear and side setbacks, or the city streets or easements. 

¨ A new RV permit is needed for each RV that visits your home on each occasion. 

Emergency Use

¨ You may choose to live in an RV on your property if your home is no longer livable due to fire, flood, wind, earthquake or other severe damage. 

¨ Visit City Hall to fill out an application.

¨ Bring with you documentation of your emergency: photos, contracts for repair, etc.

¨ RVs may not be parked in the street.

¨ RVs may not be parked in the easements November 1st- April 30th.

¨ Emergency permits are only for immediate family members.

¨ Permit is valid for up to 90 days with one extension.


Sometimes it is not possible to place an RV on your damaged property, due to disasters such as floods.  In these cases, you may be able to place your RV on another’s property while you repair your own. 

¨ Visit City Hall to fill out an application.

¨ Bring a letter from the property owner giving you permission to reside on their property.

¨ Have the property owner sign the affidavit included in the application.

Transitional Use

The City of New Meadows allows you to reside in an RV on your property while building a home on that same property. 

¨ Bring a copy of your building permit to City Hall

¨ Bring a copy of your building contract or manufactured home purchase agreement.

¨ Transitional permits are for immediate family only.

¨ The RV cannot be parked in the street. 

¨ The RV cannot be parked in the right of way from November 1st-April 30th. 

Displacement Use

Like many places in our valley, housing shortages are common.  At times, your only choice may be to reside in an RV until a home becomes available.  To help with this transition, a displacement permit may be an option in a residential zone.  However, this option will expire in 2021. 


A displacement permit will allow you to place a permanent RV in the city limits for 90 days.


¨ Submit an RV design and plan to the Planning & Zoning Committee for approval.

¨ Provide for one off-street parking space.

¨ A permit will require a regular monthly source of income, with documentation from employer.

¨ The RV will be connected to the City’s water and sewer system.

¨ The RV will comply with setbacks on the property.

¨ The RV will be placed on a gravel or cement pad.

¨ Housing searches  & income will be verified with each renewal. 

¨ City Council will review each permit for approval.

Permit Expirations

Emergency Use Permit:  Good for 30-90 days with one 30-90 day extension


Transitional Use Permit:   Good for 90-180 days with one 90-day extension.


Vacation Use Permit:  Good for one calendar year, with visitors staying no more than 14 consecutive days, and 30 days per year.


Displacement Use Permit:  Good for 90 days , with 90-day extensions upon approval of City Council until 2021.

Permit Costs

Emergency Use Permit:  FREE

Transitional Use Permit:  FREE

Vacation Use Permit:  $25 annually

Displacement Use Permit:  $100

Enforcement - Occupied RVs

Occupied RVs not bearing a valid, non-expired permit shall be removed from the property at the owner’s expense. 

1st violation:  Written notice

2nd violation:  $25 fine / day after 3 days

3rd violation:  $50 fine / day after day 16

4th violation:  After 30 days, a misdemeanor,  up to 6 months in jail & $1,000 fine.


RV Use Application
RV Use Application.pdf
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RV Use in New Meadows Brochure

RV Short Term Use Brochure
RV Brochure.pdf
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