Meadows Valley Farmer's Market

Welcome to the 2020 New Meadows Community Farmers Market! A market where farmers, cooks, bakers, artists and many more are welcome to sell their goods. Our goal is to provide a place for residents to purchase or sell homemade and homegrown items and to have a family friendly atmosphere. The New Meadows Community Famers Market will be open Saturdays, between 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is located at 400 N. Miller Ave., 1 block south of the Meadows Valley School. Opening date for the Market is July 4, 2020.

To participate in the New Meadows Community Farmers Market 2020, please complete this form (LINK). A physical copy of this form is available at the New Meadows Post Office and at the New Meadows City Hall. For any questions, please email

Booth Fees / Food Vendor Fees

For the year 2020, there will be no fees required to sell items at the New Meadows Community Farmers Market. Due to being on the property of the Meadows Valley School District, it is recommended that you donate $5.00 every Saturday that you participate in the event. Donations will be accepted at the Community House Thrift Store which will be open at the same time the market is open. All donations will be used for Meadows Valley School Scholarship Fund and education.

Booth Set-Up

All booths will be set up on-site on a first come, first served basis on the shade-covered lawn of the Community House Thrift Store. The following rules apply:

• If you plan to sell directly from your vehicle, such as a food vendor, there will be a designated area for truck parking. Please note on registration form if you will be selling directly from your vehicle.
• All vendors are required to bring their own tables, canopies, chairs, etc.
• All prices must be clearly displayed.
• If organic, it should be noted at the booth.
• Absolutely no reselling of prior purchased products from a different location.
• If samples will be provided a small trash container is required at your booth. All trash must be removed from your booth area/vehicle area at the end of the event.
• Food Truck vendors must have a trash container at their location. All trash must be removed from the area upon completion of the event.
• No storage of any product, supplies, etc. will be allowed at the location. The New Meadows Community Farmers Market and its agents, the Community House Thrift Store and the Meadows Valley School District are not responsible for any missing/stolen supplies, products, items, etc.
• All vendors must be onsite at least 30 minutes prior to the opening hour of the Farmers Market.
• Vendors in Idaho must obtain a valid Seller’s Permit and collect and remit sales tax to the Idaho Tax Commission. For seasonal sales like a Farmers Market, Temporary seller’s permits are available. See for more information. For a business, you must register the business name with the Idaho Secretary of State (see

COVID-19 Notice

The following are required due to the Covid-19 virus:
• Please allow a minimum of 8 feet but no further than 10 feet from the adjoining booth/tables.
• If food samples will be available, please serve in individual small containers, no self-serve food will be allowed at any booths.
• It is recommended that you provide hand sanitizer at your booth, but it is not required.
• We will follow the guidelines for public safety that are recommended by the State of Idaho. For now, this includes appropriate social distancing and optional face masks.