ADA Ramp  & Sidewalk Improvements

Through generous grants, the city of New Meadows was able to improve, replace, or construct 7 ADA Ramps.  Additionaly new sidewalk was poured in front of the Dorsey Warr Memorial Park & from the Post Office towards City Hall.

Source: Cash For Towns $150,000 and Gem Community Grant $149,100

Additional Investment Needed: Match Met!

Regulartory Sign Replacement Project

Through the Local Rural Highway Investment Program (LHRIP) a program through the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC), the city will be replacing 66 STOP Signs and 22 Speed Limit Signs on city roads.

Source: LHRIP $6,371.72

City Match: Labor Costs

Kiosk in the Park

Through generous support of the Payette River Scenic Byway Committee in cooperation with the Meadows Valley Community Foundation, the city is fortunate enough to have been given a grant to build a signage kiosk in the park.  The kiosk will have lighting, travel information, and local organization/business information on signage boards.  This project consists of the structure, foundation, materials, signage, and other improvements.  The grant requires a 20% match of inkind labor and or materials which much has already been provided.  Total grant award $28,456.

March 2012 Flood

In March of 2012, the residents of New Meadows experienced a flood that harmed infrastructure in the city.  Road surfaces were washed away, water trunk main lines and sewer mains broke.  Although it could have been much worse, even a minor emergency like this required the city to ask for help.  One of the major causes of the flooding was inadequate storm drainage, additionally the storm drainage pipes were frozen, causing the water to run over the pipes and down the streets surrounding homes and businesses.  The city applied for an Emergency Grant through Local Highway Technical Assistance Council to fix the road ways, and replace some of the undersized and rotten culvert that was dug up.  Although we still have a long way to go to make sure this never happens again, the city is working hard to make sure that an adequate storm drainage plan exists and can be implemented.

Thank you goes out to around 50-75 volunteers that chose to come and help their neighbors with sandbagging homes and streets, opening shelters, operating equipment, and just being great understanding citizens.

North Commercial Avenue Paving/Pathway Project

In 2009 and in 2010 the city applied for two grants to resurface North Commercial Avenue for the 2011/2012 construction seasons.  Both grant awards were $100,000 for a total of $200,000.  The projects were to construct two drivelanes, storm water improvements, and pedestrian pathways.  The project has been delayed due to lack of additional funding.  The Mayor and City Council have directed staff to find additional funding to get this project off the ground and completed.

Source: Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC)'s program Local Rural Highway Investment Program (LRHIP) $200,000.

Additional Investment Needs: Estimate (over) $300,000

Current Status:  The city has hired an engineering firm out of McCall (Crestline Engineers) to design and engineer the project.

Waste Water Treatment Facility Plan Amendment & Environmental Information Document

The city applied (2011) and was awarded a Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Grant (50% match) to update the Waste Water Treatment Facility Plan, create an Envirnmental Information Document, and test the sewer lagoons for leakage.  The city contracted with JUB Engineers to complete the plans.  The city expects these to be completed and approved by Idaho DEQ in June of 2013.

Project Cost: $40,000 (50% reimbursed through the grant)