Animal Control

Contact the Animal Control Officer at 347-2171.  


Dog Licenses are $12 for spayed or neutered dogs and $20 for non-altered dogs.  Senior Citizens that have a dog that is spayed or neutered receive a $2 discount!  If you have recently moved to New Meadows you must license your dog within 30 days.  If you recently became the owner of a puppy, the puppy must be licensed after it has received its rabies vaccination at 6 months of age.


The city hosts a Rabies Clinic in the spring of each year.


Vicious dogs are not permitted in New Meadows.


Nuisance dog owners can be fined under City Ordinance 329-2012.


If your animal is missing, contact the New Meadows Animal Control Officer at 208-347-2171 as soon as possible we may have it.  The city houses stray dogs in the "Dog Pound" in New Meadows.  If your animal is missing and we do not have it, you might check with McPaws in McCall.  Call them at 208-634-DOGS.

Citizen Dog Complaint Form
Both pages must be signed.
Citizen Dog Complaint Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [190.9 KB]
Animal Control Fees  
Dog License - Altered $12.00
Dog License - Unaltered $20.00

Dog License - Senior Discount

Altered Only

Late Dog License - Altered $24.00
Late Dog License - Unaltered $40.00
Replacement Tags $5.00
Animal Control Fines  
Unlicensed 1st Offense $25.00
Unlicensed 2nd Offense $50.00
Unlicensed 3rd Offense $100.00
Nuisance At Large 1st Offense $25.00
Nuisance At Large 2nd Offense $50.00
Nuisance At Large 3rd Offense $100.00
Nuisance Barking 1st Offense $25.00
Nuisance Barking 2nd Offense $50.00
Nuisance Barking 3rd Offense $100.00
Initial Impound Fee $25.00
Daily Impound Fee $10.00