Citizen Advisory Committee (Group)




WHEREAS, the New Meadows Mayor and City Council desires to create a Citizen Advisory Committee (Group) to advise the City Council on suggested changes to the codes and policies affecting the citizens within the corporate limits of the City of New Meadows; and


WHEREAS, the group shall consist of a diverse collection of community minded members.  Efforts will be made to involve persons of differing backgrounds, devoid of prejudice such as; age, race, religion, education, residency, profession or economic status; and


WHEREAS, the Mayor shall appoint all group members to staggered three-year terms from interested members of the community from any geographical location; and


WHEREAS, group members need not reside within the city limits, however, there should be a distinctive voice of the townspeople since they experience the greatest impact regarding the advice given; and


WHEREAS, group members appointed shall be confirmed by the New Meadows City Council; and


WHEREAS, a member of the group shall chair said committee and shall be elected from within the appointed committee. A Vice-Chair shall also be selected from within the committee.  The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be selected every three years; and


WHEREAS, group members must be at least 18 years of age; and


WHEREAS, the following positions are hereby appointed to the following terms:

  • Position #1 – 1 Year Position Vacant (Sandy Schiffman) – Ending March 2019
  • Position #2 – 1 Year Position Vacant (Misti Hill) – Ending March 2019
  • Position #3 – 2 Year Position Vacant (Jeff Parnett) – Ending March 2010
  • Position #4 – 2 Year Position Vacant (Chance Hobbs) – Ending March 2020
  • Position #5 – 3 Year Position Vacant (Ricky Brown) – Ending March 2021


WHEREAS, the group shall be assigned tasks in order of the priority set by the Mayor or New Meadows City Council; and


WHEREAS, the Chairman shall call and conduct all meetings of the group, unless the Chairman is absent in which the Vice-Chairman shall conduct the meeting; and


WHEREAS, quorum requirements require at least three members must be present to conduct business;


WHEREAS, the group shall follow all Open Meeting Laws required in the State of Idaho, the public shall be made aware of and encouraged to attend the meetings of the group; and


WHEREAS, the meetings shall allow for public input on items being reviewed; and


WHEREAS, the group may limit public input to a specified amount of time for each individual to speak, but if such limits are imposed, they shall be carried out equally, regardless of the opinion of the individual speaking; and


WHEREAS, members of the group shall meet regularly monthly and present a written report, prior to the 28th of each month to the New Meadows City Council so that it may review the progress of the committee at the next regularly scheduled City Council Meeting; and


WHEREAS, if at least two members are in favor of a proposal, it will be including as a possible solution when the report is given to the City Council; and


WHEREAS, the New Meadows City Council shall supply a Secretary for the group; and


WHEREAS, the New Meadows Advisory Group will be expected to:

  • Discuss and develop strategies concerning commonly expressed perspectives of concerned community members and projects which need citizen input and review as per the Mayor/City Council’s direction.
  • Formulate and present possible, viable solutions regarding those concerns to the Mayor/City Council.
  • Consistently consider all possibilities regarding progress and development toward community goals, utilizing the City’s comprehensive plan as the guiding document.
  • Concentrate on the tasks assigned without special emphasis on members’ individual agendas.


WHEREAS, members of the group may be removed as outlined in Idaho Code for removal of appointed officials, I.C. 50-210; and


NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the City Council of New Meadows, Adams County, Idaho that the City of New Meadows Citizen Advisory Committee is hereby created.


DATED this 1st day of March 2018.


Darbey Edwards, Mayor                                 Jacob M Qualls, City Clerk